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Loves green tea, meditation and noise


Photo / Fashion / Accounting

In house yoga teacher and Thais massage, run


Drawing / Dirt Pudding / Maker

Loves green tea, meditation and noise


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July 20, 2009

what is happening?

Well a lot!

But I don’t take time for my own blog! Working a lot for Yasodahra Ashram, on lighwaves blog and security. I got myself a little netbook which is too lovely, and booted it up with the latest version of Ubuntu!!

I also play all the latest NDS games, From Robot Taisen to Devil survivor, and I am watching some of the latest anime! Which I should blog about all that.

Not to mention that I am moving into a little chalet on the lake for the winter, where hopefully I can write more and blog more!

Stay tuned for new stuff!