well with a 2 year commitment to stay in the kootenay’s, at the ashram there is much to think of. I am planing to learn piano, get more into programming and continue music creation and all that. Like a new year commitment but for 2 year ~ lot more fun 😉

Hopefully you’ll hear more about me, about processing, pure:dyne, arduino and crazy electronic music and of course what sustains it all ~ yoga!

As well as why will the next Tron movie will sux big time, why playstation store is ridiculous how come web page will not be there anymore few years from now and other movie/games/trend review!

Happy new year – this is the year of the tigger so get your shit together! There are actually people registering to my newsletter so I guess I will have to start writing something there too!

Here for new year gift a little tenori-on mini kaos pad jam! enjoy (or not)
Download tenori kaoss