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January 15, 2010

what is more fun than one ef-101? two ef-101 !!!

EF logoSo – I get to electro faustus site – way kool device, electronic analogue dual oscillator, made in new york. Pretty sweet deal to make noise! And for the price no problem. I get a ef-101, get it ship to canada – get the device really quickly ~ super excited to play with it. I plug in a stereo 1/4 inche to 1/8 to fit my headphone jack into the ef-101 but to my grand disappointment I cannot hear 2 oscillator but only one. Write an email to electro faustus – no problem they’ll ship another one right away! And on top of that they sent me a t-shirt.

ef101psA week later or so receive the second device. Same story, adaptor, head phone, only one osciliator… that is crazy, I can understand it’s hand made but… Email again – the guy at electro faustus cool as ice – no problem will ship you another one. But I start to doubt about my own electronic music skill – So i brought the 2 device (and the t-shirt) to my home studio (I received the devices at my office) – plugin the MONO 1/4′ to my digital multitrack and voila!

For some reason the stereo jack wouldn’t make it happen. But now I have 2 ef-101, hum, ho well, might as well plug them both in at the same time! You might remember about brain wave music, where 2 different frequencies are played in each ears. Well now imagine this on acide – that is what came out of double ef-101. I recorded a sample of it, where I feed both device in my mini kaos pad. Sorry for the audio/video quality, I’ll upload better quality sample when I create something with it 😉 but you can check it out here:


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