I have been using the word demons to talk about my bad habits and patterns that seems to have a mind of itself. In my previous post about residual prana I talked about how prana can stick on places or people to later be re-activated by similar events.

I feel that this residual prana, if it is fed by perpetual habit, seems to take a mind of its own. To call these energy ‘demons’ also helps me to de-identify with these energy and it help me evolve without feeling bad about myself. My resent explorations of Shamanism also brought these idea of entity that are external to my energetic body. Reading Impeccable warrior of light felt a bit weird at first. I wasn’t accustomed to the word demons and entity – for me it was all part of myself. Bu by the end I realized that there was a benefit to externalize these entity and my practice benefited a lot from that new perspective.

In short talking about my own created demons create an external idea that is easier to manage. The fact that they have a mind of themselves also help understand a lot of the pattern that are created. What feed these demons? Same as what feeds us, but also a lot of lighter and subtler elements.

Senses Kundalini & prana

In kundalini yoga, senses are a foundational structure of the whole system. Senses carries prana, receiving and sending prana. Because where the mind goes the prana goes, if your eyes are attached to an object, that object receive your prana, if you ears are bound to a certain sound, you prana flow toward the sound, if your taste buds are attached to salt and sugar then your energy goes toward that.

As an example, when you listen to a musician and your ears a delighted by the music, there is a thread that is connecting your sense of hearing, your prana and the prana that the musician receive. Thus the performer can offer more and a cycle is created. That is quite a positive use of senses, prana and creation for sure. Directing the sense help us directing our attention and our energy. But most of the time our senses are abused by the ever-growing Multi media and multi senses attraction of our time.

Salt and sugar abuse are a good example of this abuse, as well as Movie and pornographic industry. Not to say that all media and food are bad, but the addiction to these create quite a lot of complication in the process of liberation.

So what is the link with demons ?

What I have seem is that these residual prana living on me, feed from my sense as well as my mind (which is a sense in the kundalini system anyway). A simple example would be that if I have the habit to indulge in food, then feeding the habit will make it stronger, until the habit becomes hard to deal with shear will. So why would these be called demons instead of bad habit? What I have observer often while offering healing session is that some part of the body store residual prana. Once these area are released, there is a smell that come with it. It seems that the more ingrain the residual prana is the stinkier it gets. So these so-called bad habit have become near physical entity living on the body and even having an odour. On another level I have also seen how the senses, mostly of sigh, could be taken over by these residual energy. So how I use my sense would feed (or starve) my demons.

Every action, though, speech and use of our senses are accountable for where we want to go. All these action can feed our demons, or starve them. Even our though will affect our path, as well as other people around us. Senses are gateways so it’s an integral part of liberation.

So instead of blaming yourself, you can blame your bad habit, and see how the relation can transform. Feeling bad about myself never helped me bringing quality in my life – so changing my perspective on my bad habit, my little demons really helped me moving forward. I still have some demon lying around my life, some are still quite scary but some are ready to leave and I am sure somewhere my ego will miss them and feel a bit more alone, but more light will come in from that letting go!