2nd step DIY audio mixer processing & arduino

I created my first prototype of the mixer. It’s more an experiment than a prototype from the fact that I only attached 6 knob to the arduino to start with. Here are some picture of the making of the mixer. I used a normal plastic project box to do the trick, to give it some […]

diy audio mixer prototyping with arduino and processing

So here is my first step into my plan to make my own mixer. The idea is in the next few months I want to built a complete USB mixer (I say months not to get anyone hopes to high 😉 )t . This mixer will be used to play with mixxx, which by the […]

arduino & laser

This is a real beginner post – if you never played with arduino and laser you might find it fun, but it’s at the ‘hello world’ stage of arduino programing. So I got myself some laser! I had a nice kaleidoscope green laser but I wanted to temper with it and ended up breaking it… […]

thinkering with arduino ~ lcd monitor and some knob

So I’ve been playing with an arduino lately – with the help of pure dyne to connect to it. The arduino is a toy for hacker – for hardware hacker or electronic enthusiast. I got it on ebay with an lcd screen with it and since I am starting to built a midi mixer (with […]