studio ponnuki is a small creative studio hidden in the beautiful mountains of the kootenays


Designer / Hacker / Maker

Loves green tea, meditation and noise


Photo / Fashion / Accounting

In house yoga teacher and Thais massage, run


Drawing / Dirt Pudding / Maker

Loves green tea, meditation and noise


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We are based in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Come visit us!


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re-creation, creation, pro-creation

I am in need of creation, it seems that anything that is not creation seems useless ? the best I can do is to sit and relax, or if not create, draw, play music or code some website…. my personal playground has been updated and I want to post all my creation there… But […]

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electronic music !

I have being enslaved in the electronic music world, doing lotsa research about linux, java, audio and all that crap! Getting all the gear ready, making sure I don’t become the prey of GAS (Gear acquisition syndrome)…. I’m starting a new section in my wiki to keep track of all that! Check it out, it’s […]

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Tenori -on

Finally got my hands on a tenori on, good deal on e-bay, still you can get them in the US for 750$ I will post soon some creation from it, if you still haven’t heard of the tenori-on you probably lived the last few years under a rock 😉 check it out : [kml_flashembed movie=”” […]

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Me and I

I am now feeling the one… the one that is being with me. Trough practice and trough the hidden language of hatha yoga I started to realize how it feels good to follow my path. My path is there and I cannot decide for it – I can only follow. Being myself – realizing that […]

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