New season !

I call it a new season because during the fall/winter/early spring, since the quietness of the outside makes it a perfect time for multimedia creation.Now that I am back from my yoga retreat for the summer I’ll be catching up with all the project that keep going forward! I took 2 month of time this […]

hot springs & mountains

Melina and me went traveling around and visiting some of the most beautiful region of the kootenay’s. Here is a little sum up of what to do in the kootenay to enjoy yourself! We left our home in Riondel in mid afternoon to take the 2pm ferry. We drove to Kaslo (charming town) and decided […]

google reaction to china ~ world war 3 anyone?

So google said no to china – then go Daddy also said no to china who’s next ? That might seems like a little incident but that is the first time in a long time that a US company publicly denounce China’s practice and also decide to not do business with china anymore publicly. Even […]

new year!

well with a 2 year commitment to stay in the kootenay’s, at the ashram there is much to think of. I am planing to learn piano, get more into programming and continue music creation and all that. Like a new year commitment but for 2 year ~ lot more fun 😉 Hopefully you’ll hear more […]