So google said no to china – then go Daddy also said no to china who’s next ? That might seems like a little incident but that is the first time in a long time that a US company publicly denounce China’s practice and also decide to not do business with china anymore publicly. Even Michelle Obama got into the story writing a letter to China reqesting explanation about this incident! All that made me wonder if this whole story could snowball into something a bit more international…

Just a simple recap about China – a communist country, that has a lot of business ties with the rest of the world. Keep in mind that China is a country, but also a huge company, any other company that China acquires becomes part of the China company, coined as China inc by Ted Fishhman . The big merger from few year ago, where times, warner bros, aol and other major company merged to become huge entity was probably brought about from China inc starting to buy many company. With it’s huge buying power, mergin many company together makes a lot of sense and create a better control over productivity and media. As you know China is also manufacturing everything we purchase, not to mention a lot of the food too.

So in short, China is the Pimp, all the other business are the hoes, Google hoes doesn’t like the pimp to play in her panties when she is not with other client, the hoe complaint ‘hey you pimp, don’t like you anymore; I quit being your hoe (with a lot more swear)’ then go daddy hoe sees google hoe leaving China pimp and say the same, ‘we hoes, stand together, and we leave you mister pimp (with a lot more swear to it too)’. But which pimp will these company will get cover under ? The US pimp ? Well, sorry the US pimp is waging war all over the place, no time to protect more hoe under it’s umbrella!

What is hard to foresee is what happen if the pimp gets mad. China is already in control of most of the world economic. As long as we keep on consuming and use chinese owned business China will be happy. Once we start protesting against China, the country that feeds all our need and desire, that could start something nasty. I find it quite cute how the United State pretend to be the world dominant power – Chinese and asia country has thousands of year of wisdom about war and strategy, they can wait while the new comer run out of breath and just buy them out. ‘Ho poor USA here let me buy you out – don’t worry it won’t hurt’.

Anyway – I have a feeling that if these event start a wave that would become the third world war, it will be a lot different type of war. China, even if they seems barbarous with what they did to Tibet, has a lot more wisdom about war than USA or even Great Britain – or probably any other country in this world. It wouldn’t take much for them to choose to dominate the world ~ and I guess it’s already too late – better start learning chinese soon!