processingSo continuing my quest to learn processing. It’s a beautiful language really simple and well structured. I think it’s a really great way to learn programming at large.

This is my first ‘game’, or an interactive program that has a goal, a score and where difficulty increase the higher the score get. Now bare with me, this is not object oriented, I don’t use any fancy codes and now that I am learning about object oriented and class and array this code doesn’t really make sense at this point.

But it’s a great learning. If you are learning processing it’s a nice example of what can be done quickly without much knowledge.

BLOOD – the goal of the game is to mouse over the first drop of blood. There is so many drops that it would be impossible so the first drop get brighter and brighter the more drops fall. It’s a really simple randomization of translucide ellipse, and every frame an if check if your mouse is over that random first drop. In order to make it easier, the mouse position check is larger (+/- 10px). Every time the mouse position align with the first drop the screen clear, the drop starts small again and the speed increase. If the size of the drop gets bigger than the screen then you ran out of blood = you are game over !

Click here to play the game!