There seems to be a lot about residual prana ~ and yet I haven’t read a lot about it. What I describe about residual prana is the energy that is left behind, in a room, on an object, on clothes or in people and in animal, that stagnate and almost becomes an entity.

Every day I rest and eat, meditate and do yoga which gather energy from the food, from the air and form my own body energy. Taoist define the chi to come from the planet, the universe and from within (here is a nice article about all the source of chi in the taoist perpective). Where ever the energy comes from, everyday I gather energy and then I use it.

When using that energy most of the time we use it without creating much residue. We work, play, create and spend energy and that’s it. Sometime we do an action and it create an emotional reaction, sometime it can be manifested positively, like a musician performing a touching piece, sometime it can manifest negatively.

For example: we work on a computer and we get really angry at how it doesn’t work the way we want it to be. In these moment, emotional reaction seems to : first use more energy than an action devoid of emotional tension, and second the extra energy used seems to stick on the object or the situation present at the moment of the emotional tension.

All these residual energy becomes a charged orphan energy, stuck to an object. Most of the time these energy are neutral to us, meaning that we don’t interact with them much, they stay where they are created. But sometime these energy will affect our moods and our own energy. I believe that any form of matter or energy is always trying to survive and evolve, that is what I refer as yoga. We can observe it in life form, but it’s also applicable to inanimate object and to energy without masse or form (hence why matter has complexifie to the point of creating life). If we follow this idea to residual energy, we can conclude that a residual energy living on an object will try to ‘survive’. How can it survive? Probably by re-creating the same emotion in someone else and gathering the residual energy from that reaction, not from a conscious decision, but simply as a mini current of energy that has been spin in a certain way with human emotion ingrained, attracting the same type of energy.

So in short – someone use a computer, gets angry because the computer doesn’t work the way it suppose to work, residual energy is created and stick to the computer and then the person leaves. Someone else comes in, try to use the computer – somehow something happen that make the person angry – more residual energy is created – and the first residual energy is fed by that second person. Now the 2 persons talk to each other about the bad computer, feeding even more energy into that residual energy (prana goes where the mind goes) – they talk to anyone that uses that computer etc. Next thing you know the computer is broken and need to be replace.

So what to do with residual energy ? Most of the time it’s hard to detect when I am affected by these residual energy. It can be categorize as mild mood swing – to spike in out energy. It’s hard to tell since there is so many factors, food, residual emotion from our own life. My practice has lead me to understand a bit more when my energy swing and or mood swing comes from exterior source ~ which is really helpful to discern what I need to work on, or if something needs some energetic cleansing. So awareness is really useful to detect these residues, you will soon realized that you can ‘feel’ the residual energy. As a practice you can walk in a room where there was emotional tension or a verbal fight, and see how it feels. To become aware of these vibration will create a good protection to start with. Then you can use other method to cleanse these energy or to further protect yourself from it.

All these residue can be remove with practice like Divine Light invocation, where a current of prana is created, thus attracting residual energies and other entities (or personal patterns) to be disolved into a greater source of energy. Like water turning into vapour rising to the cloud to be transformed and purify ( I know, I know rain is not consider a pure form of water anymore ~ but rain used to be one of the most energized form of water…)

Smudging and incense also have that capacity to cleanses the residual energy, as well as mantra an other vibrational tools (shakers, drum, crystals or loud speaker if used as a cleansing tool…). Of course if residual prana is on the body – water is the first treatment to heal any of these vibration. Salty bath can also be use to cleanses residual prana from our body.

As you can see residual prana is a concept that can be very helpfull in yoga, as well as in healing and other cleansing practice. It’s also a concept that can be very useful in your workplace or in your home ~ or anywhere you would like to have a peaceful environment.