This is my new processing self teaching project. In this project I wanted to built a mouse control spaceship that would shoot and crash if it reaches the celling or the floor. It’s not object oriented at all and the code is quite messy ~ and I won’t clean it up until I reuse to code in another project.

Again it’s not a complete game, just a learning tool or a proof of concept for a space shooter scrolling game. I was happy to create my first pixel art creation ~ the subject of the game, my spaceship ;). I used a processing library called gifAnimation which enable the use of animated gif. This give me some inspiration to create more games based on some gif sprite. Searching around the net I came accross this mini rpg sprite based game which is really fun and simple and also came across the pixel joint, a lair of pixel junkie artist that makes a lot of video game inspired graphic!

Explosion and laser beam was also something I explored in this project. You can fire the laser with the mouse click but shooting doesn’t do anything. You can even hold the mouse to hold the laser beam ~ again it doesn’t do anything ;). Explosion are also tricky because you want the ship to disappear and the action to stop yet you don’t want the main draw loop to stop. The explosion I ended up doing is really basic and lack refinement, but serves it’s purpose for now.

Also to simplify the creation of the floor and the celling I used a Perlin noise generator that create a semi random value that create a natural behavior to the randomness.So no more talk for now and play the game – there is no lives or score or counter of any sorts which remove any competition 😉 Click here to play the game!