studio ponnuki is a small creative studio hidden in the beautiful mountains of the kootenays


Designer / Hacker / Maker

Loves green tea, meditation and noise


Photo / Fashion / Accounting

In house yoga teacher and Thais massage, run


Drawing / Dirt Pudding / Maker

Loves green tea, meditation and noise


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We are based in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Come visit us!


yoga and creativity

This is a repost from lightwaves since I would like to continue writing about my creative process, and lightwaves is not getting published anymore. Creativity has taken center stage in my life during the last 2 years. What brought about that change is in part a conscious decision, sprouting from […]

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light & demons

I have been using the word demons to talk about my bad habits and patterns that seems to have a mind of itself. In my previous post about residual prana I talked about how prana can stick on places or people to later be re-activated by similar events. I feel […]

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Yoga siddih et évolution

Je me suis toujours demandé quel siddih serait intéressant à acquérir. Lire dans les pensées des gens et un peu trop intrusif et semble être plus un résidu d’évolution plutôt qu’un vrai siddi, voler semble plaisant mais beaucoup trop de complications techniques, contrôler les gens semble avoir trop de répercussion, un peu comme contrôler la […]

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I come in the fruit store. There is a guy there asking if he can take some food that are pass due date, the cashier says no… He had a quick glance, somehow as if he knew me, or if he was aware that I was aware… I go buy […]

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