studio ponnuki is a small creative studio hidden in the beautiful mountains of the kootenays


Designer / Hacker / Maker

Loves green tea, meditation and noise


Photo / Fashion / Accounting

In house yoga teacher and Thais massage, run


Drawing / Dirt Pudding / Maker

Loves green tea, meditation and noise


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We are based in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Come visit us!


new host !

So I just moved to a new host – Will be uploading my content tonight ! I am now hosted with a small orange, a vary cute an efficient host, that talk geek and doesn’t outsource tech support to India ~ you talk to real people fast! Also they have ruby hosting (which I will […]

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So I finally got my new sounds card to be able to transfer all my stuff from my Rollad Vs-1880 to my computer (and into the wild) The ESI UL24 Xl is a really nicely built external sound card. To my greatest surprise it works out of the box with pure:dyne (I would assume it […]

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