So I finally got my new sounds card to be able to transfer all my stuff from my Rollad Vs-1880 to my computer (and into the wild)

The ESI UL24 Xl is a really nicely built external sound card. To my greatest surprise it works out of the box with pure:dyne (I would assume it works out of the box with ubuntu in general or linux). What I was looking for is a usb powered sound card to use when I mix music ~ then I realized it has a S-pdif in and out – which is also on the VS-1880. I wasn’t sure it would work to bring digital in for linux. The analogue in work perfectly but I had to play around a little more to get the 24bit digital in. For some reason you have to lower your input volume to zero in alsa mixer to make it work. I

So in short – open terminal, type alsamixer then you will see all your input and output, move to your esi (that is automatically detected normally) then lower the volume of the input to 0. Fire up audacity or other recording software, select the card as an input- 24bit 44khz then hit record.

So now I can do a little spring clean up and empty all the recording I made during the winter. Beware it’s nothing final or anything. Just jaming around with my new tools – tenori-on, microkorg xl – minikp – dark energy and the great noise making ef-101! I am posting everything on soundcloud to test their system and might be putting all these audio clip together in some sort of an album to close that chapters and start creating new track!

Here you can listen to some of the track I created! happy listening!

Bhabhabha by damaru

Forest jam by damaru

Tenori MiniKp by damaru