3D tripping

I finally took some time to test my new hardware setup. I got myself a quad core 3 GHz, 4G of RAM, with a ZOTAC NVIDIA GPU in order to do more 3D and multimedia. And last night I was able to play around ~ trying out Processing and OpenGL, creating some random code and […]

3rd post mixer DYI ~ doepfer usb64

I am getting really close to a working mixer! The hardware is ready I simply need to build a project box in order to host the project. As you know from previous posts, I built a prototype of the mixer with and Arduino Board ~ connecting to processing, hosted on a puredyne machine. This was […]


So I finally got my new sounds card to be able to transfer all my stuff from my Rollad Vs-1880 to my computer (and into the wild) The ESI UL24 Xl is a really nicely built external sound card. To my greatest surprise it works out of the box with pure:dyne (I would assume it […]

arduino + puredyne + netbook = fun

So I received my first arduino board, right after I successfully installed puredyne on my eeepc. Puredyne is a wonderful system optimized for multimedia creation and computer art. It’s filled with all the linux tools to play music, program, edit images, video, audio. Loaded with pure data, super collider, processing and arduino to name a […]