I finally took some time to test my new hardware setup. I got myself a quad core 3 GHz, 4G of RAM, with a ZOTAC NVIDIA GPU in order to do more 3D and multimedia. And last night I was able to play around ~ trying out Processing and OpenGL, creating some random code and trying to drive my machine to the max.

Since it’s on Java OpenGL, I wasn’t able to tap into the power of the quad core, but I was still able to have fun. It’s a nice addition to my studio, with my older machine now dedicated to audio stuff and downloads. I also finally discovered the joy of connecting my microKORG XL to the KP3 and it really nice and fun ~ the soundtrack that you hear in the background is from that combination!

Anyhow, if this is the tinkering part, I am looking forward to creating bigger pieces! All the video work has been done on open source software, from Kdenlive to GIMP and Inkscape, all running on Puredyne of course. Enjoy the video!

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